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I squeeze your nuts like hell!

I squeeze your nuts like hell!

If you don't get a decent hard on! First she tease him, doing a muscle posing and let him lick her shoe soles and touch her legs. But then as she let him wag his cock like a tail and laughs at his cock he is not able to get it up anymore. The cruel Mistress grabs his nuts for a painful squeezing. His begging and screaming amuses her even more.

Length 10 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 10/17/2018

I teach you to pee like a pet!

I teach you to pee like a pet!

She just got her new pet to play dirty games with. Including worship her body with his tongue, clean her shoes, playing with his cock and balls, castration fantasies with scissors...
But it gets really nasty when she force him to show like a real pet pees, by lifting up a leg...
Not very satisfied with this performance she kick those pet bollocks a few times extra hard!!!
Then he get an ultimate degrading and humiliation when she mix him her natural yellow juice, pee in a bucket, spill the hot stuff in the bucket over his naked body, especially his genitals...
This might be a lesson for him that he never forget and pee for her next time like a real pet.

Length 10 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Punished by the Superior! - Part 2

No erection allowed, or I whip it down!

That's what she talks about and what she does in this video. Imagine you lying down on the floor at her feet like a dirty little worm, while says nice things to you, like: The only reason that haven't castrated you yet is that your cock and balls are so easy to torture. Maximum fun for a supreme Lady and maximum pain for a male slave, wriggling like a little worm in front of her. In a few rare moments her slaves got a bit relief from punishment when she wants them to do a leg or shoe job. At least the view is exciting when she stands over you, gives a chance to peek under her skirt while she continuous the dirty femdom talk. But when you get too excited or starting to masturbate again she will whip your cock harder than before!

Length 6 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Naked Cheyenne Busting Nuts

Naked Cheyenne Busting Nuts

This is for the lovers of ballbusting and dirty talking as well. First she wants you to image that you fuck her from behind, while she tortures her slaves manhood by kicking him in the balls with her small high heel boots! Real dirty talking about having your big cock in her wet pussy or you keep more distance and masturbate while she treats her slaves balls real bad... So a lot of dirty talk in this video but even more hot nude ballbusting action when she kick him from front and behind! After she went to the bathroom to make her hair she resumes the ball kicking, squeezing and talking. This time more about his sore balls after she reviewed it and what a loser he is...

Length 10:49 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

The Ladies Plaything

The Ladies Plaything

The two horny ladies take great pleasure in abusing the big nutsack of their naked male slave. They slap and punch his balls and they even kick his bollocks with their high heels. The two ladies in sexy skimpy outfits not only apply corporal punishment, they also ridicule and verbal abuse him and the ladies are very amused about his swollen and aching bull balls.

Length 14 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Permission comes with a price!

Permission comes with a price!

That means looking at her bare bottom means ultra hard kicks in the bollocks! And he gets plenty of full force kicks and punches where a man is most vulnerable. At the end she pulls his cock with the rope and kick him further hard in the balls until he is ultimately finished off.

Length 11 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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