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Lethal Weapons of a Brat Girl

New Update Lethal Weapons of a Brat Girl

This horny brat girl needs some practice in self defense, so she takes her dummy slave and starts to punch him hard in the face and chest with special sand filled combat leather gloves. These sand gloves hurt more the victim but less the user, as it should be. Soon she starts to punch him in the nuts while the viewer enjoys the upskirt view under her short mini skirt... She use his balls like a punching bag. This slave has to suffer a lot she punch him hard in the bollocks with the combat gloves but then takes her second lethal weapon, her high heels. For kicking him many times brutal in the nuts. To be kicked in the balls with pointy high heels hurts even more and finally after one real ball breaking hit by the dainty girl he collapses in front of her... This video is special for the lovers of corporal punishment by devious young girls, female domination, ball abuse and ballbusting.

Length 13:53 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Mistress Silvia - Stiff cock - Beaten until cum

Stiff cock - Beaten until cum

Soon as she whips his naked body she notice his sticking out boner. Getting a hard on without permission calls for a severe punishment! But the devious Mistress first jerks his boner with her leather gloves to make it even bigger and harder, that means his dick is bouncing around like crazy as she beats it with full force! Then she calls her topless black slave girls - that she well trained to abuse men - to give his boner a beating by two ladies... means when the Mistress has finished her hardcore cock beating the other Lady steps in... Then Mistress Silvia takes her riding crop for a merciless, brutal cock whipping! Then follows a cruel tease and denial. The ladies jerk him for beating his bruised, aching dick right at cumming...
This and more like boot kicks in the balls, testicle whipping and kicks with heavy weights hanging on the nuts.

Length 7:35 minutes. MP4 SD. ©



She humiliates and degrades small dick losers by constantly talking about penis size. Sexy provocative poses as she tells you that you never be good enough for her. You never can satisfy her with your little clit between your legs and everybody talking about your small dick in the locker room... She just laughs at you and humiliates you further by telling you what she really needs: A huge black cock. Feeling inside her, big like an elephants penis...

Length 9:33 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Mistress Rose - No Mercy for your balls!

No Mercy for your balls!

He is lucky to be kicked in his bollocks by the hottest Ballbusting Mistress. Long powerful legs, sexy outfit and slender, toned figure. She has no mercy for men at all! Endless brutal kicking, stomping, punching and beating. From the beginning until the end. She kicks him brutal in the nuts With her pointy high heels. Force him down on the floor, stomps his bollocks, sits on him while beating his bouncing testicles like crazy...

Length 10 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Ejaculation of a T*rtured Cock - Cum without touching!

Ejaculation of a T*rtured Cock - Cum without touching!

After t*rturing his genitals with cigarette and the cane she starts a rude handjob. Every now and then in-between jerking she beats his stiff cock ruthless. Then all of a sudden - as she stands in front of him with her sexy outfit - he cums even without touching him! She takes the opportunity to t*rture him further by even harder cock beatings and brutal kicking of his tied up bollocks... 

Length 8 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Balls abused by young Mistress!

Balls abused by young Mistress!

She let him dangle his bollocks in front of her in his awkward position, for ball squeezing and ball slapping. Hard kicks in the nuts with her high heel boots.

Length 9:36 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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