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Ballbusting Performance!

She is first naked on high heels, then she performs a rehearsal for a ballbusting show tonight. She first kicks her personal slave in the balls in eve's costume! Then she put on one dress after the other, sometimes it seems you are only inches away from her naked body as she changing the skimpy outfits. She checks it in the mirror, kick him hard in the bollocks many times, with each dress to test how useful they are for ballbusting and not hindering her legs at swift kicking. So this poor guy get so many brutal kicks in the balls that it seems she want him finish off before the show even starts! You can see her many times in this video changing clothes, nude and at the end again full nude ballbusting. She also use her hairbrush for cock and ball beating. Every time she floors him with an extra hard kick she laughs out loud, seems she has a lot of fun with her new stage performance. Length 14:25 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Too horny to feel pain!

Too horny to feel pain!

This horny guy got a huge boner. His erect penis remains stiff and upright from the beginning till the end of this video, no matter how hard and brutal the Brazilian Bitch treats his cock and balls! She make his stiff cock bouncing around by many hard high heel kicks. Also hard beatings with her gloved hand, kicking of strictly tied up balls and heavy weights hanging on his balls. Alternating masturbating and beating of his cock. Her aim is to make him cum just by beating his cock! Regardless of the brutal ball kicking before, the hard cock beatings and the weights dangling on his nuts, he squirts a huge amount of sperm to satisfy his Mistress! She literally beats the last drop out of his tied up testicle sack. No wonder his cock got many bruises and bl**ding spots at the very end of her special treatment.

Length 12:13 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Hardest CBT!

Hardest CBT!

She knows how to treat her horny young slaveboy. It's extreme tease and much more denial by a tall attractive Mistress! She turns him on by letting him grab her beautiful slender legs and beat his huge boner - that he got from touching her legs - merciless and brutal down with her hairbrush. Humiliating cock comparison with a cucumber, indicating him that even his huge hard on is not big enough for her. What follows is an even harder cock and ball t*rture: Kicking him in the balls while kneeling in front of her, kicking him standing in front off her, kicking him d*ggy style, slap him brutal in the face, let him worship her ass, jerking him off and beating his dangling and cumming boner hard for an endless time, squeezing his cock to let a few last drops out...

Length 11:42 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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Not as expected!

Not as expected!

Right in the middle of a sexual adventure Head Mistress Jessica opens the door and is shocked seeing her house slave, licking the pussy of Rebekah Dee. Of course the two women blame him for doing wrong and blackmailing Rebekah Dee for having a bit of sexual fun with her. The two dominant Ladies decide two turn it around and have some fun the way they like it! Naked Rebekah Dee - except for her high heels, that she need for kicking his bollocks - is delighted to kick his sore balls again and again. He get it real hard multiple times from both! His also sore python is bouncing like a big de*d snake under the Ladies kicking. Then they tie his ball sack up to intensify the pain during ball t*rture. Jessica digs her heel in the sack while Rebekah slaps it ruthless. Then again hard kicks in the balls by both Ladies. They sit down and have him standing in the mid, an ideal position for more ball abuse. Length 10:36 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Femdom Sex is different!

Femdom Sex is different!

First he get kicked in the bollocks, full force with dangerous, pointy high heels. Then she slaps him rock hard in the face. Now the third part is a surprise for him. As she takes off her mini skirt, she order him to go with her in the bathroom. There she fills up a glass with her pee. She orders him to drink the full glass of her pee...

Length 6:12 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

He Cums - Just by the sight...

He Cums - Just by the sight...

...of his Mistress when she touches his cock with her whip! That's right after she has beaten the out of a other naked male slave! But as he cums with his balls in a humbler and sticking out hard on between iron bars, she punishes him right away and cruelly by whipping his cumming penis and kicking him in his wedged bollocks...At the end she pushes his head in his own cum.

Length 11 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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