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I got you by the Balls! - Full Movie

New Update I got you by the Balls! - Full Movie

The slender, topless Mistress is in the mood to let her anger out on a slaves useless bollocks. In fact she thinks the only use for them is to be t*rtured by a woman! Content: Beating his tied up nuts with her hand, pulling hard and painful his sack leash, kicking them, cock t*rture, dangerous and brutal str*ngling of his balls with a rope...

Length 22:16 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

5 TabooZone videos added to the members area!

New Update 5 TabooZone videos added!

Mistress An Li: Brat girl loves to kick you in the nuts!, Mistress Amrita - I crush your balls!, Isabella: My Secret Nudist Life - Naked Riding, DL: Perverts jerk off when I am limping! Part 1 + 2


How she learned to hit my tiny nuts!

New Update How she learned to hit my tiny nuts!

For this purpose she just used her naked slave dummy... She already had much practice in kicking his bollocks with her high heels, but she also wants to learn the bullwhipping. So she first took his whole body and whipped his ass and his back. Soon he got nasty wounds on his body. Then she turned him around to hit his balls with her new bullwhip. When you ever get whipped your balls by a single tail whip, you know it hurts like hell on your nuts! First she missed her target sometimes, but get much better in hitting his balls towards the end! So this part - with the best hits - is repeated in slow motion at the end of the video.

Length 14 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

6 hot Wendy femdom and ballbusting videos!

New Update 6 hot Wendy femdom and ballbusting videos!

These videos are new in the members area: "Ballbusting Therapy", "Doggy Feeding", "Face Busting", "Hot ass riding until cumming!", "Kicking his useless balls!" and "The Ass Licker".

Pulling the reins!

New Update Pulling the reins!

Her horse get the reins attached to his genitals! So when she rides on him and pull the reins, it gets very painful for him. Eventually she stops and checks his huge horse cock dangling between his legs. She beats his cock brutal with her special paddle that includes a metal core! This and more corporal punishment and transformation of a man into an animal is what this ruthless Mistress wants.

Length 8:22 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Naked Cheyenne Busting Nuts

New Update Naked Cheyenne Busting Nuts

This is for the lovers of ballbusting and dirty talking as well. First she wants you to image that you fuck her from behind, while she t*rtures her slaves manhood by kicking him in the balls with her small high heel boots! Real dirty talking about having your big cock in her wet pussy or you keep more distance and masturbate while she treats her slaves balls real bad...
So a lot of dirty talk in this video but even more hot nude ballbusting action when she kick him from front and behind! After she went to the bathroom to make her hair she resumes the ball kicking, squeezing and talking. This time more about his sore balls after she reviewed it and what a loser he is...

Length 10:49 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

BallBustingChicks.Com - Ball Busting Chicks - Taboo Zone - Female Domination, Ballbusting, CBT, Fetish Videos

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