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Brutal Ball Bondage

New Update Brutal Ball Bondage

What she most enjoys is to abuse and maltreat mens balls! This is a special case of brutal ball abuse! She ties his balls up with one of her used stockings. She ties them to his own toes! The slave is totally helpless and not able to stop t*rturing his balls at the slightest movement! Even if she would leave him alone in this awkward position the balls would ache like hell. But she even whip his nuts, kick him to make him rollover... At the end - after cutting the stocking and testicle release - she brings life back to his abused balls by kicking them...

Length 11 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Slave Hunt - My complete Riding Cult Movie

New Update Slave Hunt - My complete Riding Cult Movie

Riding cult fetish of the real and sadistic female domination kind. A sadistic young brat girl is hunting her slave - high on the horse - to find and punish him in the most cruel way! Face slapping, whipping, brutal kicks in his exposed bollocks, plus various sorts of genital t*rture... She ties his manhood up and beat those cock and balls ruthless! After several hard kicks in the balls, she starts to tease him, just to sexually abuse his erected cock by whipping. She even whips his cumming cock hard and brutal and finish him off by kicking him in the balls again. All that happened in real life, in a public forest...

Length 19:29 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

I Hate Your Dangling Bollocks

New Update I Hate Your Dangling Bollocks

In the first part she puts a mousetrap on his balls and whip his cock and his balls ruthless with a riding crop!
In the second part she kicks him endless times in the balls! Its only a short time but he got almost no break from the rapid and hard left / right ball kicking. At least until she finishes him off with an extra brutal kick!

Length 5 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

The French Maid

New Update The French Maid

Some people just ignore the check-out time at noon. This hotel guest get the punishment he deserves. She teach him a lesson in ballbusting, so he would never forget to check-out properly. The maid is towering him, not only because she wear high heels. She force him to get rid of the towel, so he stands completely naked in front of this tall French maid. Then she kicks him so hard that he falls down on the floor. She let him worship her shoes and massage her slender ass. He seems to prefer this over being ballbusted, but these are just short breaks for him, in-between the ballbusting.

Length 5:26 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

In the Members Area: 600+ Ballbusting and Female Domination Videos In the Members Area: 600+ Ballbusting and Female Domination Videos
In the Members Area: 600+ Ballbusting and Female Domination Videos In the Members Area: 600+ Ballbusting and Female Domination Videos

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