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Boots Vs Balls!

New Update Boots Vs Balls!

Extreme domination by a booted girl! Dressed in high heels and hot, sexy fetish thong suit. Unbelievable hard and brutal kicks in the balls with her big leather boots. The sadistic woman force him to open his legs and present his naked, dangling bollocks to her for many full force kicks without any mercy from beginning until the end!!! The cruel lady punches and kicks those balls like crazy! Nevertheless he gets a hard on during punishment! But she beats his cock as well with her gloved hands, before she continues to punch his nuts again. It almost seems that she wants to castrate him by brutal testicle punching! That his cock gets harder towards the end and his erection remains until the end is proof enough that this slave is a real pervert!

Length 12:16 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Naked men treated worse than dogs!

Naked men treated worse than dogs!

Hard beating of doggy balls with her gloved hand. Humiliating dog fight to find out who is the winner. More ball beatings for the loser, while the so called winner is allowed to jerk off in front of her, but gets is orgasm ruined by a brutal whipping right at cumming. She whips his sticking out hard on with all her might!

Length 6:15 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Belting the ass!

Belting the ass!

Cruel punishment by a ruthless Dominatrix. First she is belting his ass, then caning it hard and merciless. Makes her naked male slave scream with pain!

Length 10:53 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

I give your nuts a warm up...

I give your nuts a warm up...

... before I kick them hard and merciless.

The girl in the hot thong outfit is so nice to give her personal slaves balls a warm up with her hands, hair brush and pointy high heels. But then she kicks him plain in the balls with her high heels to inflict the real pain. Kicking a man endless times hard in the bollocks is the real fun for her!

Length 13 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Female Domination and CBT!

Female Domination and CBT! - MP4 version added

She brings him in a position that his huge tied up bollocks dangling right in front of her eyes... No Dominant Lady can resist just to beat the crap out of such bull nuts! That's exactly what she is doing here. She pulls and squeezes them in the most painful way. She takes one of her high heel shoes off to really beat his balls with it... until bl**ding! She just don't care and laughs at him as he falls down after a very hard kick, right in his tied up nuts!

Length 6:14 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Punched and kicked in the balls by the Nurse!

Punched and kicked in the balls by the Nurse!

The patient got washed by a young nurse, showing him her bare, long and sexy legs he could not help it and started masturbating in the hot water. That's just what the horny, pervertes nurse waited for. She starts a cruel punishment of her naked male patient. Extreme painful punches in his dangling nutsack, kicking him hard in the balls with her high heels. Yes instead of lousy nurs shoes she prefers to wear sexy, pointy high heels, making his nuts ache like hell! Not enough for her, she also beats his hard on full force with her hairbrush...

Length 11:14 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

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