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Brutal Cock Whipping

Brutal Cock Whipping

A dominant woman like her accepts only big hard cocks! She masturbates him to make his cock hard, she even allows him to masturbate himself while she whip his ass. But all is in vain, the fear being with this cruel dominant lady is just too strong... His fear is justified, she gets so angry that she let it all out on his cock!!!
Full force cock whipping makes his before untarnished cock look real terrible. Over and over with bruises and marks his cock aches like hell. Especially her last hits on his aching genital hurt like hell!

Length 11:32 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 11/13/2018

Ruined Orgasm - Jerk the bruised hard on!

Ruined Orgasm - Jerk the bruised hard on!

He is used to get his private parts beaten and whipped like hell by this cruel young Dominatrix. Especially she likes to whip his sticking out cock. Most fun for her when his boner bounce like crazy at her whipping. She likes also to examine the cock bruises that she inflicted. You can bet this cock is bruised all over before she allows him to get relief by squirting his sperm out of his bruised dick. But he knows the rules of her cruel masturbation game. The Mistress herself beats the cum out of his bruised cock, to ruin his orgasm and to satisfy her sadistic needs!

Length 11:37 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

I teach you to pee like a pet!

I teach you to pee like a pet!

She just got her new pet to play dirty games with. Including worship her body with his tongue, clean her shoes, playing with his cock and balls, castration fantasies with scissors...
But it gets really nasty when she force him to show like a real pet pees, by lifting up a leg...
Not very satisfied with this performance she kick those pet bollocks a few times extra hard!!!
Then he get an ultimate degrading and humiliation when she mix him her natural yellow juice, pee in a bucket, spill the hot stuff in the bucket over his naked body, especially his genitals...
This might be a lesson for him that he never forget and pee for her next time like a real pet.

Length 10 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Triple Domination!

Triple Domination!

Compilation of the hottest movies - now in higher quality - where the Empress and her two horny girl friends fingering, torture and kick a slaves balls like hell! After many hard high heel kicks in his balls he got a ruthless masturbation and jerk off by the Empress herself!

Length 25:46 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Treatment for creeps!

Treatment for creeps!

An extreme rude treatment for two sex perpetrators. Delivered and hung up for a ruthless female doctor. Her aim is to beat up their testicles so hard that both are not able to annoy a woman anymore. She squeeze their nuts like hell. Tie them up, twist them around and beat them. In-between the treatment she tease them by opening her white coat, showing them her white sexy lingerie. But then the brutal woman resumes the treatment by alternating kicking them hard in the dangling bollocks, also full force uppercut punches in the nuts. They scream like crazy but there is no mercy for them, from start until the end. It would be a wonder if they could ever get their cock up again.

Length 9:23 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Ballbusted in the kitchen - Full Movie

Ballbusted in the kitchen - Full Movie

Three brutal and horny Mistresses punish their naked male kitchen slave for bad cooking. They take a wooden spoon to hit his cock and balls and apply more CBT with their hands, they humiliate him by talking. His balls and cock seem to be already sore and bruised from former beatings... His cock is dangling like a big half snake... Anyway the three ruthless women don't care and most of all they like to kick men in the balls! That's what he get here plenty times from all of them! From front and from behind, full force kicks with their high heels. In the second part Rebekah decides to do him a favor by stripping nude, left alone her ballbusting high heel boots, while the other two women keep on their skimpy outfits. Indeed being kicked in the balls by a naked woman makes it easier for some men two take hard kicks in the bollocks, the swelling and the nasty bruises...

Length 20 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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