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Marked for life!

Marked for life!

She lead him by the ball leash like a unruly pet. He is due for his regular open air punishment, to make him humble, break his will and to teach him who is his boss. That is done by merciless single tail whipping, until his turns red like a lobster... it gets even worse for him when he she torture his tied up ball sack by beating and kicking...

Length 10:47 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 04/17/2019

Pleasure for the Asian Lady!

Pleasure for the Asian Lady!

Asian Brat Girls like to watch naked men with dangling cock and balls while they are fully clothed themselves... especially when the man gets a huge erection... she moves a step forward from the usual cfnm style giggling and picture taking of naked men, that Asian voyeur girls are craving for... she abuse him by slapping and kicking his boner and balls... testing his pain tolerance on his most sensitive body parts... which for men - as she thinks - works also as a brain...

Length 9:27 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 04/10/2019

Kicked in the balls for squirting on my boots

Kicked in the balls for squirting on my boots

Cruel edging game by forced masturbation, orgasm denial and brutal post cum torture...
She force him to masturbate in front of her over her leather boots as hard as he possibly can... but he has to wait until she gives him permission to cum! But very soon this horny slave boy shoots his load on her leather boot without permission... so she kick him in his manhood with all her might!
Including: Leather boots fucking, cock whipping, forced masturbation, dominant posing, forced to lick off his own sperm from the leather boots, post cum torture by hard ballbusting.

Length 4 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 04/03/2019

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