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Punish His Balls!

Punish His Balls!

The male victim gets his nuts brutalized by this sadistic girl! Not only full swing punches and whipping, she also ties them up, pulls on the ball leash and kicks them ruthless!

Length 11:35 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Cock Selfie!

Cock Selfie!

She makes fun of his cock as she decides to have him naked in the swimming pool. where all her sisters and girl friends are waiting to see a naked boy walking and swinging his cock in front of them. She get amused by the idea and laughs out loud, let him swing his cock and walking naked in front of her. She even takes a selfie where she laughs at his cock, to send it to all her girl friends and prepare them that the naked boy comes now to the pool, to be humiliated by them...

Length 5:29 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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Hard Ballbusting in Pantyhose

Hard Ballbusting in Pantyhose

Very sexy pantyhose and transparent top. But impossible for a man to get a hard on when being kicked in the balls relentless. The cruel Lady has no mercy at all and kicks him in the entire video. His stinging pain in the nut sack is just an amusement for her!

Length 7 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Horny man gets disciplined

Horny man gets disciplined

Her verbal degradation of him makes him horny. She cannot stand for that and grabs his genitals for a brutal beating. She kicks his cock and she kicks him hard in the balls. She slaps his hard dick and continues the verbal harassments throughout the entire video. At the end he lies on the floor with his genitals aching like hell.

Length 10 minutes. WMV Full HD. ©

Harassing and punishing her servant

Harassing and punishing her servant

Her first command is take all your clothes off! Then the cruel Dominatrix harass and abuse her young male servant cruelly. Constant criticism, ridiculing him and brutal corporal punishments is her way of entertainment. She let him walk around with heavy weights on the genitals. She squeezes and slaps the exposed balls ruthless. His cock and balls get a hard and merciless caning. Making him scream like crazy...ick, grabbing, squeezing and punching his genitals before he get finished off.

Length 15:29 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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