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Please give me a really hard kick!

Please give me a really hard kick!

She force him to beg her for more and that is exactly what he gets. Endless hard high heel kicks in the exposed balls by left and right foot! Not forgetting the brutal in-between squeezing and punching of his dangling nuts. A story of complete addiction to a sadistic woman and cruel ballbusting.

Length 11 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 07/23/2019

Your balls will hurt! - Full Movie

Your balls will hurt! - Full Movie

This slave endures more than 30 minutes of cock and ball torture! She has the focus on ball torture because he has unusual big balls, ideal to be busted by a sadistic bitch. You can bet that she beats the hell out of his balls. Although she tries to make his cock hard in-between, this bitch knows that he never get real hard and erect, because of his fear that she might destroy his nuts.
You probably must think that this man has balls of steel, especially when she changes from high heels to boots. With her boots she kicks the hell out of his balls!

Length 34 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Update 07/18/2019

These bollocks are easy to hit!

These bollocks are easy to hit!

After she tortured his balls before with the wooden brush she now thinks that they could need some extra hard ball kicks. This movie is for fans of brutal ballbusting and strong legs in shiny pantyhose as well!  She kicks him from behind, from the front and she let him kneel in front of her, so he has at least a good view when he get those brutal kicks in his bollocks!

Length 8:42 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 07/14/2019

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