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Facesitting and kicks in the balls!

Facesitting and kicks in the balls!

At the begin she tease him with her legs wide open, sitting on his face, teasing his cock and slapping his balls. She smothers his face with her well trained muscular fitness legs and ass. At the end she kicks him hard in the balls to punish him and to finish him off. Plus POV: Talking to the viewer in-between! Yes, she expects you to be the next man under her ass or the next to get kicked in the balls with her high heels!

Length 8 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 10/23/2020

Defeated Balls!

Defeated Balls!

She not only takes advantage from her superior techniques, she also grabs his balls to beat them merciless. He is totally lost when she leads him around by his balls. Leaves him totally defeated and exhausted on the mattress.

Length 10:21 minutes. WMV Full HD. ©

Update 10/21/2020

Ruined Orgasm

Ruined Orgasm

He is used to get his private parts beaten and whipped like hell by this cruel young Dominatrix. Especially she likes to whip his sticking out cock. Most fun for her when his boner bounce like crazy at her whipping. She likes also to examine the cock bruises that she inflicted. You can bet this cock is bruised all over before she allows him to get relief by squirting his sperm out of his bruised dick. But he knows the rules of her cruel masturbation game. The Mistress herself beats the cum out of his bruised cock, to ruin his orgasm and to satisfy her sadistic needs!

Length 11:37 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 10/14/2020

Those Terrible Women!

Those Terrible Women!

He is in the "lucky" situation that that two attractive ladies kick him in his nuts! One is kicking while the other is watching and enjoying his pain. They abuse his already swollen ball sack in the most terrible way, by grabbing, squeezing and beating, that the balls are bouncing in the sack like crazy... each of them grabs one nut to pull it ruthless... Then he get finished off by more brutal kicks in his swollen and aching balls!

Length 9:43 minutes. WMV Full HD. ©

Update 10/07/2020

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