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Say goodbye to your balls!

Say goodbye to your balls!

He says please let me keep my balls but she talks about castration! She talks frankly about the art of cutting off the manhood. She uses a detailed drawing of the male genitals for her description, talking about the new voice and habits of castrated men, the former molesters and . She scares him by talking in detail about the operation and uses the opportunity to t*rture his bollocks for the last time. The fear makes him beg for keeping them... Lots of mocking and dirty talking about worthless men follows while she holds his nuts in a firm grip and squeeze them like hell. It seems she wants to rip them off without using any tools and suggests he should be happy to get rid of his second brain. She laughs at his small dick after all the painful grips and down talking...

Length 15:46 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 7/01/2020

Ballbusting Merciless

Ballbusting Merciless

She wears a black top and black gloves but no underwear on when she starts to abuse his balls. The girl with the naked crotch and ass kick him constantly in the balls in this video. Except for a short time when she rides on him, pressing her nude shaved pussy on his bare back or slapping his balls a few time with her gloved hand. But then the cruel girl does again what she likes most: BALL KICKING! No wonder his dick hangs down limp, not able to get up anymore!

Length 7:48 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 6/24/2020

Cruel Girl - I abuse your big red balls!

Cruel Girl - I abuse your big red balls!

She humiliates him by letting him walk around naked and with a heavy weight dangling on his bollocks. She then pull on the ball rope to beat them senseless.
This cruel girl simply like it to torture balls and to make them swollen by squeezing and beating... make them double in size and make them ache like hell!

Length 11:18 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 6/18/2020

She made me impotent!

She made me impotent!

After the Brazilian Bitch jerked him off in a very sadistic way, she now tries to make him cum a second time. Before that she canes his ass, slap his cock and balls and she takes a cigarette break. She tortures his cock and his tied up ball sack with her cigarette! Then the female sadist tries to make him cum again, but his sore cock is not able to squirt again for his Mistress. Her slaves should be able to cum two times in a row! At the end she gets so angry about this loser that she kick him again brutal in the balls with her high heels...

Length 15 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 6/14/2020

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