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Extreme Brutal!

Extreme Brutal!

These two sadistic women poke a high heel into his ball sack... beat the cock and balls ruthless, they pull his dick up high with a rope, to let his bollocks dangle in front of them for a brutal beating... even worse for him as the evil women mock him about his now bruised and limp dick, they even talk about castration... they kick him so hard in his already pre-damaged and bruised nuts that the red stuff appears on her shoe... of course she force him to lick it off from her high heel shoe... At the end they review his terribly bruised genitals... you think they have mercy with him? No way! Instead he get mocked and a final hard kicks in the balls from both.

Length 13:16 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 3/25/2020

Beg me for more!

Beg me for more!

This Lady has her own way to punish lazy house slaves. She just kick them senseless in the balls. She doesn't care much about hurting them when she hit them with the tip of her high heel shoe. She first make him beg to let it be, but she is just laughing at his begging and starts the ball kicking and ball kneeing. She grabs his swollen scum bag to punch it with all her might. Then, towards the end, she make him beg for even harder ball kicks. He got so many kicks in the balls that he will never forget her lesson.

Length 7:43 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 3/18/2020

Female Domination!

Female Domination!

She got him by the balls. She pulls and squeezes them in the most painful way. She takes one of her high heel shoes off to beat them even further, until they got badly hurt!!! She just don't care and laughs at him as he falls down after a very heavy kick in the tied up nuts.

Length 6:14 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 3/12/2020

Pull It Up For Slapping - Review His Bruises!

Pull It Up For Slapping - Review His Bruises!

After she kicked him several times hard in the balls, the brat girl commands the slave to pull his balls up... so she can merciless slap them!
No wonder, his tied up bollocks are bruised, black and blue from the kicking and slapping.
After the torture she enjoys to review the marks and bruises she just made on his swollen sack... the female sadist can not resist to slap his balls again at the review and dirty talking to the viewer... she just can not get enough of ball torture and of making fun at the expense of her poor victim!

Length 16:44 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Update 3/11/2020

I got you by the Balls! - Full Movie

I got you by the Balls! - Full Movie

The slender, topless Mistress is in the mood to let her anger out on a slaves useless bollocks. In fact she thinks the only use for them is to be tortured by a woman! Content: Beating his tied up nuts with her hand, pulling hard and painful his sack leash, kicking them, cock torture, dangerous and brutal pulling on his balls by a thin rope...

Length 22:16 minutes. WMV SD. ©

Update 3/05/2020

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