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Yesterday in the Adult Store

Yesterday in the Adult Store

In one of those shop where you still can buy vintage vhs and dvd movies... a run down customer who enjoyed a video about mishandled women comes in... after a short discussion about his payment difficulties, the attractive long-legged cashier decides to let him pay with his own body instead! She whips the hell out of the dirty pervert... she even enjoys to let him kneel in front of her, to kick his dangling old nuts with her high heels, the most painful punishment!

Length 12:23 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Update 2021/09/15

NHS Scandal

NHS Scandal

A compulsive wanker finally came to the right place. The horny and devious nurses and female doctors in this hospital ward just waited for him. This compulsive public masturbator, btw a menace for all young ladies, is going through a hell of embarrassment. As she grabs his testicles she tells him that he got hard during surgery. Since the story spread all nurses laughing about it. The kind of nurses who leave their male patients naked, even when not necessary. So this nurse can not resting grabbing his balls, twist them around and even punch them hard many times. She told him that they even have discussed to castrate him as soon as possible. Over all this ball , the dirty talking, verbal humiliation and her talking about chopping his manhood off he suddenly got an erection, give her the opportunity to beat his boner as well. As she said, it will get cut off anyway, so why not have some fun with it, before it happens.

Length 11:21 minutes. MP4 Full HD. © Update 2021/09/08

Please may I cum?

Please may I cum?

She him to keep stroking his cock harder and harder but the answer to his begging for relief is no! Then, at the sight of her ass, he couldn't hold it anymore and squirt his full load right on her naked body. He stains her legs with his cum and she slaps him many times hard in the face for this misbehavior. She let him lick his own cum off from her legs, then from the floor while she put her high heels on his neck, kicking him and posing her bare, muscular body.

Length 8:24 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 2021/09/02

Horny Ladies like Ball Kicking!

Horny Ladies like Ball Kicking!

He get kicked many times in his nuts by two brutal and reckless women.

Length 7:28 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 2021/08/26

Free Pictures Muscle Woman's Jerk Off Instruction / Mistress Amrita Femdom POV

Brutal punishment!Mistress Amrita

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