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Paint Strokes - Full Movie

Paint Strokes - Full Movie

Also small mistakes will be punished very hard by this Lady. She punches his nuts, kicks him in the balls and slaps his face... she whips his cock with a riding crop to make his cock humble and bruised, as it should be in her opinion! She then ties him up, using an artful cock bondage, which leaves his bollocks exposed, for being tortured by a sadistic woman! A naked male slave is an object for torture and the ideal canvas for a cruel Mistress... those nasty marks grow slowly on his white skin, as she whips the hell out of him with her riding crop... his whole body is covered with aching welts from her cruel punishment... all that because he made a tiny mistake... female domination and hard punishment, as it should be! At the end she inspects her work of art and is very satisfied with it!

Length 29:50 minutes. WMV Full HD. ©

Update 6/03/2020

Merciless Cock Whipping!

Merciless Cock Whipping!

She likes hard dicks but abusing them she likes as well. Seeing her in a nice bikini while she has him tied up naked in her barn, makes his cock hard in no time. It's a pleasure for her to whip his boner hard and merciless. She knows that he is potent enough to get hard again and again, after she whipped his erection down...

Length 11 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Update 5/27/2020

A day for ballbusting

A day for ballbusting

First she tease the viewer with her long slender legs, and ass and high heels, telling how much she likes to kick Peeping Toms right in the middle of their manhood. Just because that hurt them most... Soon she calls her slave to fulfill her femdom sex fantasies! She kicks him hard in the bollocks from front and and back side as well. Pulls his cock up and painful squeeze his nuts with his very own cock! The Asian Mistress in her very short mini skirt shows no mercy for her slaves. As he peeks under her skirt he get merciless kicks in the balls. Then without skirt, standing there almost naked in a skimpy g-string bikini, she continuous the punishment by kneeing his nuts. But she definitely likes more the kicking with her high heels. After face slapping and boner squeezing, his cock get soft again from her brutal treatment. So she orders him to masturbate. His stiff big penis is bouncing around under her brutal beatings. Then she kicks him again brutal in the nuts several times to floor him and to finish his lesson for this day...

Length 11:29 minutes. WMV Full HD. ©

Update 5/20/2020

Disciplining the stable boy

Disciplining the stable boy

She slap his balls and kick them with her boots. She ties his nuts tightly between two bamboo sticks, to brutalize them and she force him to walk around with his balls still tight on bamboo sticks and sticking out backwards between his legs... he is scared that she might cut off his balls as she plays with one of her sharp tools around his manhood, while she talks about castration, kick them again with her boots... he got his balls pulled up and she humiliates him as she force him to stand tippy-toe while she slaps his balls.

Length 13:52 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 5/13/2020

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