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Bad Treatment - Extra Long Video

Bad Treatment - Extra Long Video

Male genitals get mishandled and beaten in various ways...

Length 17 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Update 02/25/2021

I like them swollen!

I like them swollen!

She is amused about his big, swollen nuts while sitting with her full weight on his face. Then she starts to whip his balls with a riding crop while his screams are muffled by her ass, pressed on his face... his nuts get also by her hands, it seems you can see them getting bigger during her treatment. Then she starts the ballbusting with her girly sneakers. At the end she says: I like them swollen...

Length 12:32 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 02/19/2021

I punch a fat man in his nuts!

I punch a fat man in his nuts! - Extra Long Video

She is that kind of young women who like to mishandle run-down men who live on the street or in parks... instead of money she sometimes give them a kick or mishandle them in other ways! Busting the balls of those losers is her all time favorite! She lured the the fat bum in her wresting studio, making the false promise he could touch her naked body... now it's the other way around! She "touch" his naked body by busting his old fat bollocks!
Content: She scares and humiliates him, kick his balls very hard, slap and punch them by hand, fist and with her boxing gloves and of course busting them with her sneakers.
There is no rest for his balls, they are under attack in the entire video!

Length 16:26 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 02/13/2021

Please stop it!

Please stop it!

It's too late when she get your balls in a firm grip. This Lady doesn't let loose... She holds his nuts for almost 5 minutes while she pulls him up/down and left/right by the balls...
Then she orders him to masturbate and get an erection before she kick him in the balls! The cock hungry Asian Lady does dirty talking about dick size and how big she want it. Soon he get a hard on and presents her his nuts, for a brutal high heel kicking! Making his stiff cock bouncing around, every time she kicks him... Soon he get a cock from the hard kicking but she orders him to get it up again. She supports it by showing her bare breasts and pantyhose legs. As Soon as he gets a boner again, she resumes the ruthless ball kicking...

Length 10:23 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 02/10/2021

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