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Double Dose of Female Domination!

Double Dose of Female Domination! 

This cruel Dominatrix can not get enough of humiliating and abusing men, mentally and physically! So she ordered two slaves to come to her apartment, being punished like hell! Brutal tying up of their bollocks, so that it hurts even without touching. Her slave number one immediately gets a boner, at seeing his Blond Mistress in mini skirt outfit and her sexy slender legs. So he get first a ruthless cock beating until his cock is limp again. He also could not take the face beating very well, so he got degraded. The former slave number two is now her slave number one. This might be motivation for him to take more punishment from her. So get an extreme beating of his tied up ball sack, hard face slapping and high heel kicks in the balls...

Length 11 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 11/25/2020

Wheel on the balls!

Wheel on the balls!

She hangs a heavy wheel on his cock and balls, to humiliate and punish him in the most cruel way. But there is not only punishment, she also tease him when she takes off her shiny pantyhose, show him her naked ass, touch his body with her legs and ass. After taking off the wheel there is no relief for the helpless tied up slave. She makes his cock rock hard before she kick him brutal and ruthless in the balls, multiple times. But what she really enjoys is cock and ball torture, so she takes the whip and give his cock a super hard whipping! No wonder, at the end his boner is gone, not standing up in the air anymore.

Length 10 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 11/18/2020

Cruel ballbusting for looking up skirts!

Cruel ballbusting for looking up skirts!

She believes that hard kicks in the balls is best for white men who look under a black womans skirt. So he get countless hard kicks in his balls by this black woman. Ruthless kicks with the tip of her high heel shoes, wearing her sexy sports leotard for unhindered kicking by her muscular legs...

Length 9:19 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Update 11/14/2020

Strange Therapy!

Strange Therapy!

Best therapy for perverts is to kick them hard in the bollocks. But she not only kick them, she squeeze them and twist his manhood around like crazy, punch him ruthless in the nuts, grabs and hold his penis up to slap the dangling balls in his ball sack...

Length 9:24 minutes. MP4 SD. ©

Update 11/11/2020

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